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3 Tips for Maternity Clothes Shopping

You’re pregnant! Congratulations! There are so many exciting things to think about: names, birth plans, nursery decor, gender reveal parties (if you so choose). The last thing you want to worry about is maternity clothes. You know you’ll need them, but how do you know you’re picking out the right stuff? Especially when shopping online! […]

Where to Sell Your Maternity Clothes

When you decide you’re all done having babies and are ready to sell your maternity clothes…what do you do? Should you have a garage sale? That sounds like a lot of work. You’ll be spending two or three days sitting on your driveway chasing your kids around while people low-ball you about a $2 shirt. […]

5 Ideas for Your Pregnant Wife’s Birthday

Man, I wish I had these tips when it was my pregnant wife’s birthday! I struggled to come up with special ideas to do for her and I want every partner to be able to give their pregnant wife something special without stress. We all know how the hormones can change your wife. So, what […]

4 Reasons Why Garage Sales are NO Fun for Dads

I never realized how expensive maternity clothes were until my wife was pregnant and we were at the store looking at them. Wow! There was no way we could afford them. So my wife had the idea to go looking at garage sales. I was not a big fan of garage sales to begin with […]

My Experience: Ectopic Pregnancy

“I believe you’re having an ectopic pregnancy.” They were words that, even in my wildest dreams, I never imagined I’d hear. But we weren’t even trying? But I’m on the pill? But I’m healthy? But…? What? Rewind: how’d I get here? At the beginning of September 2018, I started what I thought was my period. [...]

9 Free Activities to do on Maternity Leave

I loved being on maternity leave. Don’t get me wrong, it was a lot of work trying to keep that new human alive. It’s not a vacation, but it’s a special time spent bonding with your new little squish and creating a life and routine that works for you. It also could provide an opportunity […]

Top 4 Reasons to Buy Maternity Clothes on Maternity Traders

My experience with free and for sale pages online has been…less than stellar. I’ve bought and sold things on these sites and the outcome is always hit or miss. When selling, people want me to change my price for what’s ideal for them. Often times, they were asking way less than what was reasonable. When […]

Chicken Slow Cooker Meals for Maternity Leave

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: I LOVE SLOW COOKER MEALS. Seriously. They can be so simple, don’t require a ton of work, and you end up with a hot and healthy meal all ready for your family at the end of the day. I loved putting together some recipes for ground beef slow cooker meals, and they’ve […]

Nursery on a Budget

Doing things on a budget is what we do here at Maternity Traders. It’s the whole reason Maternity Traders even exists! While I was trying to put together a maternity wardrobe on a minimal budget early in my pregnancy, I was also trying to put together a nursery. Here’s how I created Sam’s hodge podge, […]