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5 Ideas for Your Pregnant Wife’s Birthday

Man, I wish I had these tips when it was my pregnant wife’s birthday! I struggled to come up with special ideas to do for her and I want every partner to be able to give their pregnant wife something special without stress. We all know how the hormones can change your wife. So, what happens if your wife’s birthday comes up during pregnancy? You better make it super extra special!


Here are 5 ideas to make your pregnant wife’s birthday special!


  1.       Plants: Yes, plants. Not those cheap ones that die after 2 weeks, but the really cool ones that can last many years. My wife loves taking care of them and watching them grow. A lot like a baby! I bought her 2 plants and then printed off the care instructions to go along with them. Score 1 for dad!


  1.       Homemade gift cards: Why spend $5-$7 for a card? It’s just going to get tossed or lost at some point in life. I had our kids make cards. She is obsessed with Disney so I printed off a picture of Mickey Mouse, folded the card in half, and had the kids sign them. You can also make “at home” gift cards – “redeem for a free massage” or “I will cook dinner tonight.” Take some pressure of mom, she will love it!


  1.       Massage: I bought her a 60 minute massage and it was the best thing ever! The massage therapist made a cool gift certificate for me to give her and she was beyond happy. It’s not always a cheap option, but it was so worth the money for her changing body to relax.


  1.       Sign her up for pregnancy yoga: It gives her time to spend time with other pregnant moms and it’s also a huge stress reliever. She will thank you over and over for it! You may be able to find some cheap options at your local rec center.


  1.       Buffet: Take her to an awesome buffet! We all know women need to feed baby during pregnancy so this is a no brainer. Don’t do a cheap buffet, find a nicer one if it’s in your budget. Something that has lots of deserts!


I would love to hear some of your ideas if you want to leave a comment!