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Just Another Mom Podcast

Talking About Motherhood and More!

Amanda is Just Another Mom trying to find joy and strength in the chaotic beauty of motherhood. I’m here to support moms and maybe find some moms who will support me, too. You’ll hear real, raw thoughts and discussions about motherhood and parenting from me, my friends, and experts. Follow for new episodes about the mom stuff every Thursday.

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Episode #10: Breastfeeding & Weaning a Toddler

Amanda talks about breastfeeding & weaning her toddler. Share your experience of nursing and weaning!

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Episode #9: Creating a Home My Kids Live in, Too

Amanda talks about ways she’s working to intentionally create a home her kids live in, too. This includes using their art as decor and creating a space just for them where we live life. Please share with us what you have done to intentionally create a livable home for your kids!

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Episode #8: New Year, New Mom?

Happy 2023! Amanda talks about the new year and making new mom resolutions, plus shares her goals and resolutions for this year.

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Episode #7: Making Christmas Magical (on a budget)

Christmastime is here! Amanda talks about the ways she likes to make Christmas magical for her family, while still sticking to her budget.

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Episode #6

In this episode, Amanda and her friend Colleen each share 3 things they didn’t know about pregnancy. Why aren’t more people talking about this stuff?

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Episode #5: My LOVE/HATE Relationship with Bedtime

I’m not sure about you, but bedtime isn’t always my favorite thing as a mom. In this episode, Amanda talks about her LOVE/HATE relationship with bedtime.

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