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Morning Sickness: 8 Ways to Deal With It

When we were blessed with our second child, I was “blessed” with the “traditional” pregnancy symptoms. I was exhausted, emotional, and incredibly nauseous. Morning sickness, according to my OB, was a “good sign“.  That really didn’t make it any better, though!

Like pregnancy, the morning sickness you experience may be completely different from your best friend’s version. Some women may have food aversions, like strong reactions to certain tastes or smells. Others may have periodic queasiness that peaks in the morning, but calms down after lunch. Still for other women, they may be nauseous all day. Some women vomit, while others do not.

No matter what version of morning sickness you experience, you are probably looking for ways to deal with it. Here are 8 ways that helped me:

1. Stay Hydrated – If part of your morning sickness includes vomiting (maybe once, maybe ten times a day), you’ll want to do your best to stay hydrated. It might not be easy, but it is crucial for you and baby to be properly hydrated. While it may not sound appetizing, plain water is your best choice to stay hydrated during this time. If you can’t stomach that and need some flavor, try a sports drink that is free or low in sugar.

2. Find Foods That Work for You – Of course you want to eat what’s best for you and baby during this crucial first trimester. However, if saltine crackers are all you can stomach, eat those. Steer away from foods that trigger your nausea and take small bites of ones that don’t. See what your body will tolerate and create your best nutrition options from there.

3. Get Plenty of Rest – Fighting nausea is harder to do when you’re tired. It just adds another thing your body is trying to adjust to right now. To combat nausea related to fatigue, be sure to try to get a full night’s rest: 8-10 hours, if possible.If you’re tired during the day, a short 20-minute power nap can do wonders! Your body is going through so many changes, make sure to give it the rest it needs!

4. Have Breakfast in Bed – If your nausea is worst first thing in the morning, beat it at it’s own game and eat breakfast in bed! Dry products like toast or cereal before you even get out of bed can fill up your tummy and give you a quick boost in blood sugar. Plus, they’ll help to absorb some of those stomach acids that are making you want to throw up.

5. Snack Often – Or eat smaller meals more frequently. The key here is to keep food in your stomach. When your stomach gets hungry, the stomach acids come around making you want to throw up. By eating snacks or smalls meals frequently, you keep your stomach full and those acids busy.

6. Pay Attention to Triggers – You probably figured out real quick that some smells or tastes make your nausea worse than others. Do yourself a favor: ban those triggers from your house. There’s no need to make you more miserable than you are, so by paying attention and avoiding foods or smells that trigger you, you might ease some of the serious queasiness.

7. Take Your Prenatal with Dinner – Taking your vitamin with a meal helps your body break it down easier. Plus, when you take it at dinner versus in the morning, it may not be such a shock to your system. Your body has already been digesting all day and has had food in it, so vitamins won’t be the first thing it get in the morning.

8. Go for a Walk – Light exercise can do wonders for your changing, hormonal body – including your morning sickness! Endorphins released during a short 20 minute walk can counteract fatigue and nausea. Walking is especially good for pregnant women because it’s low impact, but still gets your blood flowing!

If your nausea is severe, please reach out to your doctor and discuss your symptoms.

Did you give any of these a try? Did any of them work for you? Or maybe you have another great remedy to help ease morning sickness! Share in the comments below!