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3 Tips for Maternity Clothes Shopping

You’re pregnant! Congratulations! There are so many exciting things to think about: names, birth plans, nursery decor, gender reveal parties (if you so choose). The last thing you want to worry about is maternity clothes. You know you’ll need them, but how do you know you’re picking out the right stuff? Especially when shopping online! Check out our 3 tips for maternity clothes shopping.

1. Stick to your style and size.

If you’re not a fan of bodycon dresses when you’re not pregnant, there’s a good chance you won’t be a fan of bodycon dresses when you are pregnant. Think of the clothes you’ve got hanging in your closet that you love. That blouse you always reach for or your go-to dress. You want to find maternity clothes that mimic those pieces. While your style might change a little to show off your growing bump, you are still going to want clothes you feel comfortable in. So find the styles that make you feel good. As a rule, you should also typically buy the size that you were wearing before you got pregnant.

2. Think about the weather.

You will be pregnant for about 9 months. In some places, that could cover three or four seasons! Look for different tops that you can layer or go well with sweaters and cardigans. Invest in a good jacket that will go with everything. Have a few pairs of jeans that you can also wear as capris, and purchase a few pairs of shorts, if you need them. If you’re a working mama, find some dresses that could work as casual and business casual. Or check out some work blouses and work pants that could make a few different outfits all together.

3. Know your budget.

I already mentioned this (and you already know), you’re only pregnant for about 9 months. And while you have to have clothes, you don’t need to go crazy and blow your budget. Use belly bands for as long as you can and wear hubby’s shirts to bed (or dressed up real cute, if you can). When you finally need maternity clothes, think about what you need, make a list, and choose a budget. Then go shopping.


Do you have any other tips for shopping for maternity clothes?