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Where to Sell Your Maternity Clothes

When you decide you’re all done having babies and are ready to sell your maternity clothes…what do you do? Should you have a garage sale? That sounds like a lot of work. You’ll be spending two or three days sitting on your driveway chasing your kids around while people low-ball you about a $2 shirt. Should you donate them to a local thrift store? Of course you could, but then you’re not getting any money back. What about the marketplace on social media? You’ll continue to get low-ball offers and you’ll have to meet a stranger somewhere. No, thank you.

Should you sell your maternity clothes to Maternity Traders? You have to take pictures of your items, which you were going to do anyway to sell on marketplace. You have to fill out this form, which will probably take about 5 minutes. You’ll get an offer from Maternity Traders for your items. You can accept the offer and then ship the clothes off. Why wouldn’t you want to sell your maternity clothes to Maternity Traders?

Maternity Traders is a mom-owned and operated business that was created for you to buy and sell gently-used maternity clothes. You can feel good about selling your items, while also helping out other moms to get great maternity clothes at great prices! The process is simple and quick! Don’t put yourself through the hassle of selling your items at a garage sale or on a social media marketplace app, your time is way more valuable than that! Contact Maternity Traders and let us take those clothes off your hands!