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4 Reasons Why Garage Sales are NO Fun for Dads

I never realized how expensive maternity clothes were until my wife was pregnant and we were at the store looking at them. Wow! There was no way we could afford them. So my wife had the idea to go looking at garage sales. I was not a big fan of garage sales to begin with and could usually get out of them by saying we don’t need more junk, but now we had a real need and there was no way I was getting out of it.


At first I thought it was a good idea because we would save a ton of money, that is until we were at the 10th garage sale and still had found no maternity clothes. Here are my 4 reasons why they are no fun!


  1. You are not allowed to buy anything. If you buy something and your wife doesn’t end up finding anything, you’re screwed! You’re stuck holding her purse and trying not to be in the way of her and other shoppers.


  1. Your wife isn’t going to find anything. We went to countless garage sales and either the lady was a different size than my wife or the clothes were completely destroyed.


  1. You’re most likely going to spend hours on a Saturday shopping around, and end up with nothing to show for it. Think about all the things you could be doing around the house or all the massages you could have given to your dear pregnant wife!


  1. Your wife will most likely be mad or upset because she didn’t find anything, so you have to make her feel better which can be difficult with those raging hormones and all this could have all been avoided to begin with!


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