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Top 4 Reasons to Buy Maternity Clothes on Maternity Traders

My experience with free and for sale pages online has been…less than stellar. I’ve bought and sold things on these sites and the outcome is always hit or miss. When selling, people want me to change my price for what’s ideal for them. Often times, they were asking way less than what was reasonable. When […]

Chicken Slow Cooker Meals for Maternity Leave

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: I LOVE SLOW COOKER MEALS. Seriously. They can be so simple, don’t require a ton of work, and you end up with a hot and healthy meal all ready for your family at the end of the day. I loved putting together some recipes for ground beef slow cooker meals, and they’ve […]

Nursery on a Budget

Doing things on a budget is what we do here at Maternity Traders. It’s the whole reason Maternity Traders even exists! While I was trying to put together a maternity wardrobe on a minimal budget early in my pregnancy, I was also trying to put together a nursery. Here’s how I created Sam’s hodge podge, […]

Our Nursery

I knew from the get-go I didn’t want to find out the sex of our baby. I had my reasons, and eventually convinced Josh that he didn’t need to know the sex of our baby either. That did, however, leave us with a dilemma. What would the theme of our nursery be? Just as for […]

Working Mom Guilt

I stayed home from work on Monday. Sam had been sick all weekend and still hadn’t kicked it by Sunday afternoon. I debated with myself for a good ten minutes before I brought it up to Josh.   “I probably should stay home with Sam tomorrow, right?” He agreed.   I sent a couple texts […]

When to Have Another Baby

There’s another debate happening in our home… when to have another baby.   Sam is not quite a year and half and the feels are starting to creep up on me.   The problem started when everyone around me started to get pregnant: friends, co-workers, the new Duchess…   I mean, I’m sure not everyone […]

I am a NICU mom.

Being a NICU mom is like getting inducted into a special club you never applied for. It’s not something you wanted, but it becomes a defining experience in your life.   I never imagined I’d become a NICU mom. But when I did, it became a part of my identity.   Even a year later, […]

Vlog: The First Year Recap

Mom and Dad reminiscing on Sam’s first year, looking back on all of our favorite moments, and what we want to improve on as parents next year!

3 Reasons Why I Waited to Find Out the Sex of Our Baby

I love gender reveals. I love seeing what people came up with to announce their little one to the world. I love seeing their faces when they learn if they will have a son or daughter. Before I got pregnant, I had a whole board on Pinterest of ideas for what our gender reveal would […]