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When to Have Another Baby

There’s another debate happening in our home… when to have another baby.


Sam is not quite a year and half and the feels are starting to creep up on me.


The problem started when everyone around me started to get pregnant: friends, co-workers, the new Duchess


I mean, I’m sure not everyone I know is pregnant, but when you want a baby, it sure seems that way. I don’t know everyone’s story, but I know how my heart aches to have another little squish in my arms.


My husband, for reasons currently unknown, is being logical.


“We have a plan,” he says. And he’s right. And it was a good plan designed when I had a fresh squish in my arms. But now Sam is a toddler and he doesn’t want to be in my arms.


The plan is to wait until Sam turns two. The reasons aren’t really anything crazy, but they do make sense: we’re working on saving up some more money, and I’d like to lose some weight.


“Stick to the plan, honey. We decided on it for a reason.” My husband reiterates to me.


I usually growl at him.


I just don’t know the best time to have baby number two… is there a best time? Our plan is logical and makes sense for our situation, but when you really want to grow your family, shouldn’t logic just go out the window? I guess it’s all up for debate… and that’s why I’m writing this blog.


When do you think is the best time to have baby number two?