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Nursery on a Budget

Doing things on a budget is what we do here at Maternity Traders. It’s the whole reason Maternity Traders even exists! While I was trying to put together a maternity wardrobe on a minimal budget early in my pregnancy, I was also trying to put together a nursery.

Here’s how I created Sam’s hodge podge, Up-themed nursery and some tips on how you can save money while creating your baby’s nursery!

baby crib in nursery

The crib our son sleeps in is also the crib I slept in. My parents saved it in their attic for 26 years for when I had a child. Not only was it free, it’s got a story and I love that. If that wasn’t an option, my aunt offered us to borrow her kid’s crib. I was so thankful for this offer; cribs are one of the pricier must-haves!

Tip: Ask around! Someone in your circle might have a crib stored in their basement that they would be happy to lend you!

white bookshelf with toys and books in nursery

Sam’s bookshelf is another piece of furniture that previously belonged to his mother. When we moved to our home, I didn’t want to get rid of all my furniture “just in case” and eventually, this bookshelf found it’s new home in Sam’s nursery.

Tip: A bookshelf might not be a “must-have” for your nursery. Sam wasn’t even interested in books until he was about 14 months old. We could have stored his books anywhere in the house and it would have been just fine!

changing table/dresser combination for nursery

We don’t have a lot of space in Sam’s room, so I knew from the get-go I wanted a dresser/changing table combo. Once again (hm, I see a theme here…) buying this brand new was way out of my price range. So, I hit up the garage sales (still not my favorite thing to do). Eventually I found this piece for about $20…sold! It came as a shellacked, very light natural wood color, which wasn’t exactly what I wanted. I went to work sanding and staining it as best I could. For an additional $7 (for sandpaper and stain), it was closer to my vision than what it was before and fit in our hodge podge, Up-themed nursery.

Tip: I found more baby furniture was listed on the “free and for sale pages” than maternity clothes. Do some research into what you want and hit up those pages to find good deals!

glider chair in nursery

The plan to breastfeed my newborn required a comfy glider. While this was a gift, it was still not full price. My mom found it on sale and got it at an additional discount because it was the floor model. Score for Lolly!

Tip: If you end up purchasing baby’s furniture at a store, don’t be afraid to ask if there are any discounts they can add or if you can purchase the floor model at a discounted price!

Even with the hodge podge look of it all, Sam’s nursery has become one of my favorite rooms in our house. It was made with love and has been filled with love since day one!

What money saving tips do you have when it comes to creating your baby’s nursery?