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Our Nursery

I knew from the get-go I didn’t want to find out the sex of our baby. I had my reasons, and eventually convinced Josh that he didn’t need to know the sex of our baby either. That did, however, leave us with a dilemma. What would the theme of our nursery be?

Just as for our wedding, we knew it would be Disney-themed. Sure, we threw around a couple of other options, but a Disney-themed nursery was the only way we could imagine bringing up our little ones. Disney is ingrained in our lives: we watch Disney movies weekly, listen to Disney songs while cooking and in the car, we even went to Disney for a couple days on our honeymoon. This baby, like it’s parents, was going to be Disney obsessed.  

We began thinking of some different options.

We needed something gender-neutral, obviously, so we couldn’t go with a specific character.

We could base it off the parks, but I wasn’t sure we could do them justice.

One night, we sat down to watch one of our favorites, Up. It finally clicked.

Up was one of the first movies we watched together as a couple. It’s got a beautiful story of love and friendship, and the characters are cute to boot. The centerpiece for our baby’s nursery would be the balloon house.

From there it was easy: there were so many ideas!

We used leftover paint from our home and did three of baby’s walls gray and one wall, the wall baby’s crib would be by, sky blue. On the blue wall, we painted outlined and painted a picture of the balloon house. We ordered some FatHeads and put the pictures of Dug and Russell on the wall, plus an “Adventure is Out There!” poster.

At my baby shower, my aunt created a beautiful piece of art that turned the house into a cradle and everyone at our shower signed a balloon with a special message for Samuel. That piece of art completed his nursery.

Every time we go in there, you feel the love and happiness. And it will still be perfect when we add baby number 2… boy or girl.

How did you decorate baby’s nursery?