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Our 9 Fave Pregnant Halloween Costumes

Creative & Cute Pregnant Halloween Costumes

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to start planning your spooktacular pregnancy Halloween costume! Did you know your bump doubles as the best accessory? Yep! Thanks to your bump, you can dress up as something you might not normally be able to! Plus, all of these costumes can be made easily – some with things from around the house!

Check out some of our FAVORITE pregnant Halloween costumes below!


Have a ball!

Use your bump as a ball and get in the game! This Space Jam costume is easy and adorable, but you could really paint your bump as any ball!


Channel your favorite pregnant character!

They didn’t let baby throw off their groove! This couple dressed up as Pacha and Chicha from The Emperor’s New Groove, complete with llama! There are endless costume ideas when you just think of a great movie with a pregnant character!

Stay spooky!

If you love Halloween for the spooks and the scares, being pregnant doesn’t have to change that! You could be a pregnant witch or vampire. This momma had a zombie baby trying to come out of her belly to join their zombie sister! You could make this costume easily with things you likely have around the house… as long as you don’t mind ruining a shirt!

Get cheeky with your costume!

If you’re feeling cheeky, there are plenty of costumes that poke fun around pregnancy. This couple went with the milkman and the housewife.

Be a “Baby Momma!’

This mom-to-be decided to make a play on the words “Baby Momma.” She dressed up as a baby in a sleeper, complete with a bottle & pacifier! Too fun!

“Ooooohh Yeahhh”

Photo: @meganjank

This mom-to-be made a cute and comfy costume out of a favorite character – the Kool-Aide man! Super simple, you’ll still be in the spirit with a fun costume anyone can recognize!

Get your geek on!

The force is strong with this bump! Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you can’t be who you are! This pregnant mom decked out her bump as the Death Star!

Show the world you’re a “mummy-to-be!”

This mummy-to-be costume is quick and easy!! Wrap some toilet paper around your bump and make eyes out of paper. Boom – the bump is Halloween party ready!

Christmas in October

Celebrate Christmas early by dressing up as The Grinch. He basically feels how we feel while pregnant, so it’s only fitting.


We can’t wait to hear what your pregnant Halloween costume is! Share in the comments below or on our Facebook page.