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Helping Your Feet While Babywearing

During those days when your baby will just not nap or let you put them down, why not throw on the baby carrier? I know my son would ONLY nap in the carrier and after hours on my feet, they started to hurt! I started trying different ways to help cushion my feet as I stood or walked around. I wanted to share those tips and hopefully help your feet from hurting!

What to wear on your feet while babywearing:

  • Crocs

There is a reason doctors and restaurant workers wear crocs. They are super comfy! Easy to slip on and you can wear them inside or outside.

  • Memory foam slippers

I absolutely love my memory foam slippers. Every year my husband buys me a new pair for Christmas. I wear these all the time especially when it’s cold outside. Not only are they comfy, but they also keep my feet warm!

  • Running shoes

During the warmer months, we like to spend time outside. So I would sometimes wear running shoes while babywearing. They are great if you are taking a nice walk or stroll around the park with the kids. There were days where my baby wouldn’t fall asleep or stop fussing while walking around inside, so we would go for a walk outside and he would fall asleep right away!

What to stand on while babywearing:

  • Cushioned mats in the kitchen or on hard floors

Technically referred to as “anti-fatigue” mats, I just call them cushioned mats :). These are great if you are standing on hard floors, like wood and tile. I have found myself spending a lot of time standing in the kitchen while babywearing just because the counter height works out great with babywearing. I can set up a laptop or write if need be without having to bend over to reach the table or sit down and disturb the baby. I just slide the cushioned mat to where I’m standing and it helps a TON!

  • Soft throw rugs

Not as good as cushioned kitchen mats, but these do work for shorter periods of standing time and you can spread them throughout the house so you can move around.

  • Carpeted rooms

Just to switch things up, I would just go stand in one of the bedrooms while babywearing. Between the padding and the carpet, my feet were feeling fine! The only problem with this one is there are only 2 rooms in our house that have carpeting which are occupied by the other 2 children and they can get loud! But if you have more rooms that are carpeted then this should be an easy one.


Ooh! One more thing – the last tip I have is to make your spouse rub your feet at the end of the day ;). Whether you’re pregnant or not, a momma deserves a nice foot rub!