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Wife’s Pregnancy Cravings

We have all heard the tales about the wife’s pregnancy cravings. Husband’s having to get up at 2 am, go to the store and get his wife watermelon in January. I’m fortunate to say that I never had to do that. I did however have to stop on my way home and pick up SweeTarts or Culver’s custard every once in a while.

The funniest craving incident my wife had during our pregnancy was definitely the brownie batter incident.  One delightful night my dear wife had the craving for brownies! A craving I could live with! After we made the brownies, and enjoyed them, I set the mixing bowl next to the sink. It still had a little batter left in there, but not much.

I woke up at 6 am the following morning to my wife crying in the kitchen. I jumped up and ran out to the kitchen to see what was going on. She had the mixing bowl and a spoon in her hand. I asked her what was wrong. She burst out in tears telling me she had eaten the rest of the batter…. At that moment I was trying so hard not to laugh. I was finally able to calm her down and convince her it was kind of silly. But I still had to tread carefully…. So I did what every other amazing husband would do… waited till she left for work and started laughing my butt off! I’m glad to say she can joke about it now. She does however get mad at me whenever I tell people the story. Even though deep down, she knows it was pretty silly.

I will say that my wife’s pregnancy cravings were the best. Mostly because she only craved something once or only wanted a piece of something. So I usually got to finish it! Unless it was something gross, then I just pretended to finish it. No wonder husbands gain sympathy pregnancy weight!