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Why Maternity Traders is Perfect for Dads!

Shortly before Maternity Traders was born, my wife and I used to drive around for hours looking for garage sales to find used maternity clothes. She was pregnant and we couldn’t afford brand new maternity clothes so we thought we could save a ton of money by finding them at garage sales. Well…. Unfortunately it was hard to find garage sales, and when we did the woman wasn’t the same size as my wife. So it was on to the next one, and the next one. Like I said, hours.


Then we tried the marketplace. That didn’t work either. There wasn’t much of a selection and if we did find something, we had to go pick it up or meet someone in a parking lot somewhere. It would have been great to just order it online and have it shipped to our door… Well, that’s how Maternity Traders was born!


You aren’t limited to the people in your area. Maternity Traders connects everyone across the country and brings women of all shapes and sizes together to provide a nice selection of maternity clothes. So not only can wifey or girlfriend go on there and find clothes without breaking the bank, she can then in turn sell them right back to another mom! Win win! Save money and make money!


Then you, dad, aren’t spending nights and weekends scouring garage sales! Happy wife AND happy husband! Definitely a happy life!