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The TV: Husband vs Pregnant Wife

I believe the husband vs pregnant wife is a lively debate among households. I’m not afraid to say that my wife pretty much controlled the TV when she was pregnant. I was stuck watching Grey’s Anatomy and Law and Order: SVU pretty much all the time. I also couldn’t get up and do something else because then I would get in trouble! We did however agree on a couple different shows like The Big Bang Theory and Suits…. when Grey’s Anatomy wasn’t on, of course.

But one of the cool things about my lovely pregnant wife was that she fell asleep early… pretty much every night. So, that’s when I got control of the TV and was able to turn on my Marvel movies or Lord of The Rings. Now granted, I would make it about 10 minutes into the movie and fall asleep myself… but that’s not the point! Those 10 minutes of watching my show uninterrupted made watching 100 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy totally worth it.

Another cool thing about my wife being pregnant was that she was super emotional. I tried to get her to watch all the sad movies I could. Like A Dog’s Purpose, I am Legend, or the Pursuit of Happyness. Mostly movies with dogs. She told me I was mean for doing that, but I thought it was fun. Any videos of animals I found on Facebook went right on her page! I guess after a while it did become a game. But she knows I was doing it out of love!

Everything seems to work out now. I can live with watching Grey’s and she can live with watching the Marvel movies. I even find myself engaging in Grey’s sometimes and she thinks Thor is gorgeous, so it works out. So if your wife controls the remote in your house, I would recommend keeping her busy throughout the day so she falls asleep early. Then you get to watch what you want! Just try to enjoy more than 10 minutes of it.