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The Newborn Days

I would like to take a minute to talk about the newborn days. I would also like to point out how fast time flies by with a baby. As I’m sure most of you know that! Our little boy Sam was born a preemie and now he is 10 months and tears through the house like a tornado. From being super fragile to a bulldozer.

Me and my wife were cleaning the basement the other day and found all of Sam’s preemie and newborn onesies. It brought back so many memories that weren’t so long ago…. Even though they feel like a lifetime ago. The preemie clothes were so big on him when he was born. We had to roll up the sleeves and his little socks went half way up his legs. Now he is in 6 month clothes at 10 months old. He’s just a little bulldozer.

I try to catch myself every time I want him to hurry and learn something. I used to get so anxious when he just couldn’t quite sit up or roll over…. Now he is standing up. I wish I could go back and enjoy every second of him trying to learn all these things. I know it seems like forever when it’s happening but, looking back, it was in the blink of an eye.

I remember being able to cuddle with him on the couch. Now I can’t hold him for more than 5 seconds without him squirming his way down to the ground. It went from talking to him like a little peanut to yelling at him from across the room to get out of the dog bowl. His nicely organized Up! themed nursery is now a disaster zone with toys, books, and drool everywhere. He went from falling asleep in your arms to screaming when it is bed time. But I know that one day I will look back on these moments and miss them. So I will enjoy every screaming, terrorizing, drooling second!

Enjoy every second. Even when they are screaming in your face, enjoy it. Because as soon as he stops and is sleeping, you will miss him… literally like 5 seconds later. Just ask my wife!