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NOT Finding Out the Sex: Dad’s Perspective

I never thought I would be telling the story of NOT finding out the sex of my baby. I’ve always been a firm believer in finding out the sex of the baby during pregnancy. Maybe it’s just the planner inside of me…. As I’m sure most people are. But it just makes sense right? Paint the room the right color, get all the clothes when you’re pregnant wife is at target, all that fun stuff.

But then my world was flipped upside down when my wife suggested not finding out the sex. I immediately told her “NO WAY” we have to find out! How will we plan anything? Well guess what… there is a way. First way is to paint the nursery a neutral color like gray or white. We went with gray. Second way is to get neutral clothes. Again, grey or white. A nice thing about the neutral clothes is they are hard to find (at least in our experience) so you don’t buy a ton of clothes that the baby never wears. It’s also hard for other people to find them so when you have your baby shower you won’t get a ton of clothes. Then you can get important things like a monitor, diapers, wipes, and more diapers and wipes. I’m pretty sure diapers and wipes were 90% of our registry.

But for the people that do find out the sex, I totally understand. It’s pretty much a traditional thing in today’s society to find out the sex. I remember sitting in birthing class and the instructor going around the room asking what everyone was having. Girl, Boy, Boy, Girl, then they got to us. “We aren’t finding out”. Everyone looked at us like we were crazy! But I think moving forward me and the wife will not be finding out the sex. I can’t explain the feeling of excitement and wonder when the baby comes out. 9 months of waiting and wondering. It’s incredible. Plus it’s a lot of fun sitting around guessing what the baby will be. Coming up with names for both genders. Now we did struggle at first. We kept rethinking it. But in the end it was so worth it despite our struggles and we never looked back. I encourage everyone to do it at least once.