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5 Things to Do with Your Pregnant Wife

5 Things to Do with Your Pregnant Wife


My wife is a very active lady. There are a lot of times it’s hard for me to keep up with her! But when she got pregnant, it was up to me to keep the activities alive. We were trying to save money with the baby on the way, so here are a few things I came up with that my pregnant wife loved:


  • Paint a special mural on one of the nursery walls. We used a projector so we could draw an outline on the wall for the house from the movie “Up”. Then we painted it. It turned out pretty dang awesome and she absolutely loved it!



  • Walk around the mall and look at all the baby stuff! We did this a lot! The best part is we never really bought anything. I would just convince her to put it on our registry 😉



  • Go on a picnic! I know it sounds corny, but she thought it was awesome and that’s all that matters! Just go to your local state park or a beach if you live by one. You can kill a whole day by doing this. It’s actually pretty relaxing. Especially for your pregnant wife!



  • Go hiking. This one got a little difficult later on in the pregnancy, but it kept us active for most of it. She had a lot of fun trekking through the woods and enjoying nature. Plus it’s quiet and you’re free to think about things…. Like baby names for example.



  • Last but not least, public museums are always a safe bet. Most of the ones by us are free so that makes it even better!


So, there are my wonderful ideas!  I hope it helps someone else out that might be in the same boat! If anyone else has any different ideas I would love to hear them! We just try to keep it fun and budget friendly around here!