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Top 4 Reasons I Love Babywearing

Even before I was pregnant, I knew I was going to be a babywearing mama. It just made sense to me. I wanted to keep baby close, but I had things to do: a house to clean, a job to do, a husband and stepson to love on. Baby, for a while, was just going to have to be along for the ride.

But babywearing turned out to be so much more than that for us – check out my top reasons why I LOVE babywearing.

  1. Hands-free: Some days, Sam just refuses to be put down. Those are the same days life has to happen. His big brother needs his baseball uniform cleaned. The dog threw up all over the carpet. The lizard needs a bath. Everyone needs to eat dinner. And my husband has appointments until 7 pm. Baby goes up in the carrier, life gets done, and everyone is happy.
  2. Protection: Some people just don’t understand boundaries. Some people don’t understand boundaries especially when it comes to babies. Yes, old woman at Target, I do want your hands on my newborn’s face. Thanks for not asking. Ugh. Insert eyeroll here. Having Sam in a carrier at public places typically deters the baby grabbers. I wouldn’t say all the time, but it helps.
  3. Sleep: When Sam was 6 months old, he took his first airplane trip to Orlando, Florida. We brought the stroller, of course. But during our day trip to the Magic Kingdom, he refused to sleep. I mean, I get it, there’s a lot to see there! But I also get that 6 month old babies need to nap. We threw Sam into the carrier and he passed out. Still, some days, it’s the only way he’ll nap.
  4. Snuggles: As my Squishy baby gets older and more independent, he just isn’t into snuggling anymore. A carrier isn’t always a guarantee he’ll snuggle, either, but he’s more likely too. And, hey, I’ll take anything I can get.


Babywearing has become a staple in our life. Sam’s in one carrier or another quite often and I’ll wear him as long as he lets me.


Are you a babywearing mama? Why do you babywear?