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My Maternity Must-Haves

Everyone has their must haves in life: must have snacks, must have outfits, must have sweets… Pregnancy is no different. As the weeks went on, my must haves for pregnancy made themselves clear…

  1. Full belly coverage pants/shorts – The majority of my big belly time was in the summer. I lived in full belly coverage shorts. They were the most comfortable and supportive thing I could find for my bump. Plus they gave my bump that nice round shape it just didn’t have on it’s own. I loved them!


  2. Leggings – I lived in leggings at home. I didn’t need them to go over or shape my bump, I just needed them because society says you have to wear pants, even while pregnant. I cranked up the air so it was nice and cold, put on a sweatshirt and leggings and ate whatever the bump told me to eat.
  3. Pregnancy app – We found out I was pregnant super early, about 3-4 weeks. That left me a long 6-8 weeks left of my first trimester before my ob-gyn would see me. I downloaded a few different pregnancy apps to help me track what was happening in my body. I enjoyed the different tidbits of information they each had to offer about my growing baby.
  4. SweeTarts, Whipped Cream, MooseTracks Ice Cream with Hardening Chocolate… – Oh, yes. The cravings. You literally have to have them. My pregnant self would not have survived without giving in to some of my cravings. I craved very specific, sugar-filled things while pregnant with Samuel and I’m sure that’s why he’s so sweet.
  5. A supportive partner – I’m an expressive person, I can admit it. I feel and express emotions to the biggest degree. Ask my husband, I’m sure he’ll tell you all about my dramatics. My day-to-day dramatics were nothing compared to my pregnant dramatics. I cried tears of sadness over brownies. I cried tears of joy over little toads wearing hats. I was so mad when Josh came home one night and didn’t have the right SweeTarts. Pregnancy hormones… phew. I could not have survived pregnancy without my incredibly loving, understanding, and kind husband. He supported me through it all.

What are your “must-haves” from your pregnancy? Did they change at all?