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Helping Your Feet While Babywearing

During those days when your baby will just not nap or let you put them down, why not throw on the baby carrier? I know my son would ONLY nap in the carrier and after hours on my feet, they started to hurt! I started trying different ways to help cushion my feet as I […]

7 Easy Prep Freezer Meals

With a new baby coming, you can never be too prepared! That includes things you need! We have baby number 2 on the way and I am determined to make this maternity leave as stress-free as possible. For me, that means less cooking! I’m planning ahead with these easy prep freezer meals. I can never […]

The TV: Husband vs Pregnant Wife

I believe the husband vs pregnant wife is a lively debate among households. I’m not afraid to say that my wife pretty much controlled the TV when she was pregnant. I was stuck watching Grey’s Anatomy and Law and Order: SVU pretty much all the time. I also couldn’t get up and do something else […]

The Newborn Days

I would like to take a minute to talk about the newborn days. I would also like to point out how fast time flies by with a baby. As I’m sure most of you know that! Our little boy Sam was born a preemie and now he is 10 months and tears through the house […]

The NICU: Dad’s Perspective

If there’s one thing I learned from having my wife in the hospital and my baby in the NICU, it’s strength. My wife was a beautiful mess, and I don’t blame her one bit; having to sit in a hospital bed while your brand new baby boy was in the NICU connected to all sorts […]

Wife’s Pregnancy Cravings

We have all heard the tales about the wife’s pregnancy cravings. Husband’s having to get up at 2 am, go to the store and get his wife watermelon in January. I’m fortunate to say that I never had to do that. I did however have to stop on my way home and pick up SweeTarts […]

NOT Finding Out the Sex: Dad’s Perspective

I never thought I would be telling the story of NOT finding out the sex of my baby. I’ve always been a firm believer in finding out the sex of the baby during pregnancy. Maybe it’s just the planner inside of me…. As I’m sure most people are. But it just makes sense right? Paint […]

Why Maternity Traders is Perfect for Dads!

Shortly before Maternity Traders was born, my wife and I used to drive around for hours looking for garage sales to find used maternity clothes. She was pregnant and we couldn’t afford brand new maternity clothes so we thought we could save a ton of money by finding them at garage sales. Well…. Unfortunately it […]

Stay at Home Parent – Hardest Job of All

The beginning of the school year… such a bittersweet time. The summer is gone and you don’t get every day with your precious little one… That is till you remember all the times they were screaming in your face and throwing toys at your head! Let me explain why I have tremendous respect for a […]

Why Baby Wearing is Cool for Dad

I have always supported baby wearing… when my wife told me she wanted to do it. Never did I think that I would be baby wearing some day. I thought it was only a mom thing. Mostly because I would only see moms doing it and the designs on the carriers weren’t anything I would […]